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Emphysema COPD Research Center

Program Description

The Emphysema COPD Research Center (ECRC) is focused on the investigation of fundamental biologic concepts in advanced chronic obstructive lung disease, particularly emphysema.  The program utilizes advanced tools in molecular, biochemical, physiologic, and radiographic assessment for research investigations which are predominantly based in clinical medicine.

The Emphysema COPD Research Center, directed by Dr. Frank Sciurba, has demonstrated national leadership in the field of surgical and novel bronchoscopic lung volume reduction procedures, pulmonary rehabilitation, and pulmonary physiology and exercise testing.  The primary program faculty includes Dr. Frank Sciurba, Dr. Jessica Bon, Dr. Divay Chandra, Dr. John Tedrow and Dr. Seyed Mehdi Nouraie.

The ECRC relies on successful basic, translational, and clinical science collaborations with the departments of clinical pharmacology and biochemistry, radiology, epidemiology, and with other local and international collaborators.  The center is also involved in extensive scientific collaborations with the University of Pittsburgh HIV Lung Research Center (HLRC), directed by Dr. Alison Morris. The ECRC maintains an active registry for patient participation in clinical research trials of novel treatments for patients with advanced COPD.

Program Facilities

The ECRC occupies over 2000 square feet in the Kaufmann Building and approximately 450 square feet on the 6th floor of UPMC Montefiore.  The Kaufmann facilities are located on two floors and consist of 13 rooms providing space for pulmonary function, cardiopulmonary exercise, and lung mechanics testing and office space for a project administrator, 8 coordinators, 3 patient exam rooms, data coordinator, 2 physicians, and a reception/administrative assistant.

The UPMC Montefiore facilities are located on the 6th floor and provide space for 4 coordinators and a pulmonary function testing room with desk space for two pulmonary function technicians.

The ECRC has a close working relationship with the Clinical and Translational Research Center, a NIH funded inpatient and outpatient research support facility with state of the art resources and staff to support more complex protocols as well as 24-hour care and study assistance.

A covered parking garage adjoins both the Kaufmann Building and UPMC-Montefiore with multiple handicap parking spaces within a short distance of elevator access making for easy patient and study subject entry and exit.

Clinical Trials

The Emphysema COPD Research Center is currently participating in several ongoing NIH and industry sponsored studies.  In addition, the ECRC maintains an active registry for patient participation in clinical research trials. 
The current research activities of the Emphysema COPD Research Center include:

The Emphysema COPD Research Center has also participated in three of the largest NIH sponsored studies in patients with COPD.

For further information, please contact the Emphysema COPD Research Center at 866-948-COPD (2673) or email: