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Subject: Identifying Predictors of Poor Health-Related Quality of Life among Pediatric Hematopoietic Stem Cell Donors
PI: Galen E. Switzer, PhD
Sponsor: NHLBI
Purpose: This R01 project focuses on the physical, psychological, and emotional experiences of children who donate stem cells to an ill sibling. We will be collecting information by telephone interview from (a) 409 child donors (ages 5-18), (b) 326 nondonor siblings from the same families, and (c) their parents/caregivers before, four weeks after, 6 months after and one year after they donate. The telephone interviews will focus on how the child experiences the donation physically and psychologically, how it affects their relationship with their sibling, and how having a donor child and an ill child affect the family as a whole. Findings will (a) help us identify what factors are related to better or worse quality-of-life for the donor following donation, and (b) provide information that will help us design interventions to improve quality-of-life in donors and their families.

Subject: Development of a Patient-Centered Metric of Low-Value Prescribing in Older Adults
Principal Investigator: Thomas Radomski, MD, MS & Walid Gellad, MD, MPH
Sponsor: Pittsburgh Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Center Pilot Funding Program
Purpose of Grant: To generate the qualitative preliminary data necessary to develop a metric that will reliably characterize low-value prescribing in older adults from the perspectives of patients and caregivers.

Subject: Comparative Effectiveness of Adding Family Supporter Training and Engagement to a CHW-Led Intervention to Improve Behavioral Management of Multiple Risk Factors for Diabetes Complications
Principal Investigator: Ann-Marie Rosland, MD, MS
Sponsor: NIDDK
Purpose of Grant: We will compare how a family supporter-focused vs. individual-focused diabetes education and management intervention delivered by Community Health Workers to urban minority adults with diabetes impacts short and long term diabetes health.

Subject: VHA Equity Explorer: Building an Interactive Equity Dashboard
Principal Investigator: Leslie Hausmann, PhD
Sponsor: VA Innovators Network Spark-Seed-Spread Innovation Investment
Purpose of Grant: The goal of this project is to create a working prototype of a user-friendly data visualization tool (i.e., an interactive equity dashboard) to enable VA decision-makers to identify differences in quality or health outcomes based on vulnerable group membership.

Subject: Development of a Predictive Model for Opioid Overdoses in Allegheny County
Principal Investigator: Walid Gellad, MD, MPH
Sponsor: RK Mellon Foundation
Purpose of Grant: The goal of this project is to work with the Allegheny Department of Human Services to develop machine learning algorithms to predict opioid overdoses using all human services data available in the County.

Subject: Patterns of Alcohol Use and Alcohol-Related Care among Transgender Persons
Principal Investigator: John Blosnich, PhD, MPH (Co-PI)
Sponsor: NIAAA
Purpose of Grant: Transgender persons are a vulnerable and stigmatized population at risk for health and health care disparities. The proposed study will describe patterns of alcohol use and receipt of alcohol-related care in a large sample of transgender adults and to begin to identify mediators and moderators suggesting intervention targets. Findings will lay the foundation for intervention research aimed at reducing alcohol use and its related risks in this vulnerable population and the study will pioneer transgender health research processes related to alcohol use that will be scalable to other healthcare systems.


Sonya Borrero, MD, MS, received operational funding from VA Women's Health Services to review established preconception health measures that are indicators of pregnancy outcomes for women Veterans.

Walid Gellad, MD, MPH, received operational funding from the VA Center for Medication Safety to support fellowship training and partnered medication safety initiatives.

John Blosnich, PhD, MPH, is Co-I on a new VA HSR&D Merit Award: "Understanding Hormone Therapy Care Received by Transgender Veterans in VHA" (PI: Guneet Jasuja).

Ann-Marie Rosland, MD, MS, is Co-I on a new HSR&D Pilot Award: "Segmenting High-Need, High-Cost Veterans Into Potentially Actionable Subgroups," led by CHERP Philadelphia investigator, Amol Navathe, MD, PhD.