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Department of Medicine

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photo Michael J Jurczak, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine


Phone: 412-648-7006

Office: 200 Lothrop Street
W1060 BST
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-648-7006
Fax: 412-648-3290
Administrative Assistant:
Chelsea Dempsey
Address: W1026 Biomedical Science Tower
200 Lothrop Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-648-9770
Fax: 412-648-3290
Education and Training
BS, University of California Los Angeles, 2002
PhD, University of Chicago, 2008
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Yale University, 2011
Research Interest
Dr. Jurczak’s lab is primarily interested in the relationship between nutrient excess, mitochondrial overload and the pathogenesis of metabolic diseases, such as fatty liver, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. Mitochondrial dysfunction and ectopic lipid accumulation in liver are both associated with insulin resistance in human subjects, but the cause and effect nature of these associations remain unclear. Dr. Jurczak’s lab is specifically interested in a mitochondrial repair mechanism called mitophagy that regulates the selective removal of damaged mitochondria via the autophagosomal pathway. Because autophagy is suppressed in mouse models of obesity and fatty liver disease, it is likely that mitophagy is similarly impaired and may contribute to the decline in mitochondrial function seen in human patients. Interestingly, a key component of the mitophagy pathway, a ubiquitin E3 ligase called Parkin, is upregulated in liver of obese mice. This change may represent a compensatory response to remove damaged mitochondria from hepatocytes or result directly from the loss of autophagy. Dr. Jurczak’s group is using a genetic approach to test whether the loss of Parkin-mediated mitophagy in liver predisposes mice to mitochondrial dysfunction, ectopic lipid accumulation and insulin resistance. The lab employs in vivo and ex vivo approaches in transgenic mouse models and specializes in using radioactive and stable metabolic isotopes to measure substrate turnover and flux.
Educational Interest
Dr. Jurczak is involved in mentoring postdoctoral fellows and clinical research fellows in the Department of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism.
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Selected Publications:
Jurczak, MJ, Danos, AM, Rehrmann, VR, Allison, MB, Greenberg, CC, Brady, MJ. Transgenic overexpression of protein targeting to glycogen markedly increases adipocytic glycogen storage in mice. American Journal of Physiology- Endocrinology & Metabolism. 2007; 292(3): E952-63.
Jurczak, MJ, Zapater, J, Greenberg, CC, Brady, MJ. Generation of a dominant negative glycogen targeting subunit for protein phosphatase-1. Obesity. 2010; 18(10): 1881-7.
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Jurczak, MJ, Lee, AH, Jornayvaz, FR, Lee, HY, Birkenfeld, AL, Guigni, BA, Kahn, M, Samuel, VT, Glimcher, LH, Shulman, GI. Dissociation of IRE1a-Mediated JNK Activation from Hepatic Insulin Resistance in Conditional XBP1 Knockout Mice. The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2012; 287(4): 2558-67.
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Camporez, JP, Kanda, S, Petersen, MC, Jornayvaz, FR, Samuel, VT, Bhanot, S, Petersen, KF, Jurczak, MJ, Shulman, GI. ApoA5 Knockdown Improves Whole-Body Insulin Sensitivity in High-Fat Fed Mice by Reducing Ectopic Lipid Content. The Journal of Lipid Research. 2014; 56(3): 526-36.
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Perry, RJ, Camporez, JP, Kursawe, R, Titchenell, PM, Zhang, D, Perry, CJ, Jurczak, MJ, Abudukadier, A, Han, MS, Zhang, XM, Ruan, HB, Yang, X, Caprio, S, Kaech, SM, Sul, HS, Birnbaum, MJ, Davis, RJ, Cline, GW, Petersen, KF, Shulman, GI. Hepatic acetyl CoA links adipose tissue inflammation to hepatic insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. Cell. 2015; 160(4): 745-58.
Petersen, MC, Jurczak, MJ. CrossTalk opposing view: Intramyocellular ceramide accumulation does not modulate insulin resistance. The Journal of Physiology. 2016.
Sponsored Research/Activities
Title: Park2, Lipid Malabsorption and Protection from Diet-Induced Obesity
Role: Principal Investigator
Funding Agency: National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive, & Kidney Disease
Grant Number: R03 DK112044
Start Year: 2017
End Year: 2019
Title: Parkin's Role in Hepatic Mitochondrial Turnover, Steatosis and Insulin Resistance
Role: Principal Investigator
Funding Agency: National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive, & Kidney Disease
Grant Number: K01 DK099402
Start Year: 2015
End Year: 2017
Title: Regulation of Fuel Utilization by Lysine Acetylation in the Failing Heart
Role: Co-Investigator
Funding Agency: National Heart, Lung, & Blood Institute
Grant Number: R01 HL132917
Start Year: 2017
End Year: 2021
Title: Developing a Dual Stable Isotope Approach to Measure Lipolysis in Mice
Role: Co-Investigator
Funding Agency: Georgia Regents University/National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive, & Kidney Disease
Grant Number: U24 DK076169
Start Year: 2015
End Year: 2017
Notable Achievements
American Diabetes Association Research Grant Review Committee Member, 2016
Former Co-Director of the NIH-funded Yale Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center In Vivo Metabolism Core, 2011-2015
Inaugural Invited Lecture, Committee on Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition Alumni Lecture, University of Chicago, 2011
Commitee Award for Outstanding Performance inthe General Field of Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition, University of Chicago, 2008