Section of Decision Sciences


Research conducted by SDS faculty members involves observational cohort studies, qualitative and mixed-methods research, behavioral experimentation, clinical trials, and modeling such as agent-based modeling, equation-based dynamic modeling, and Markov cohort decision analysis. Examples of past and current projects by our faculty include:

Amber E. Barnato, MD, MPH, MS

  • ICU triage communication and decision making: the role of race
  • Surrogates heightened emotions and life-sustaining treatment decisions
  • Isolating provider sources of variation in ICU admission decision making using high-fidelity simulation
  • Developing a robust measure of hospital end-of-life treatment intensity
  • Consumer-directed financial incentives to increase advance care planning among Medicaid patients
  • A randomized trial of surrogate storytelling to reduce complicated grief after a decision to limit life support in the ICU
  • Costs and cost-effectiveness of early goal-directed therapy for septic shock

Kenneth J. Smith, MD, MS

  • Future of influenza vaccine strategies given interference and choice
  • Alternative strategies for adult pneumococcal vaccination
  • Virtual continuity and its impact on complex hospitalized patient care
  • Optimal strategies for pelvic inflammatory disease prevention and management
  • Comparing methods to pay for care among Medicare beneficiaries
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of physical therapy for individuals with knee osteoarthritis
  • Diabetes cost-effectiveness core
  • Quality of life utility values for erectile dysfunction
  • Blended collaborative care for heart failure and co-morbid depression

Chung-Chou H. (Joyce) Chang, PhD

  • Cardiovascular disease mechanisms in HIV infected and uninfected veterans
  • Improve outcomes in HIV/AIDS, alcohol, aging, and multi-substance use
  • A prospective study on mild cognitive impairment
  • Understand race and culture in living donor kidney
  • Pediatric acute liver failure studies
  • Temporally oriented subjective well-being across transitions—resources and outcomes
  • Role of physician networks in the adoption on new prescription drugs
  • Modeling strategies for observational CER
  • Procalcitonin antibiotic consensus trial
  • Late cardiovascular consequences of septic shock

Kevin L. Kraemer, MD, MSc

  • Cost-effectiveness of screening and brief intervention for unhealthy alcohol use in medical settings
  • Health utility ratings for alcohol- and drug-related health states
  • Cost-effectiveness of screening for unhealthy alcohol use with % carbohydrate deficient transferrin
  • Applying the payoff time framework to carotid artery disease management
  • Comparative effectiveness of alcohol and drug treatment in HIV-infected Veterans
  • Cost-effectiveness of oral vs. injection naltrexone in the hospital for alcoholism
  • Cost-effectiveness of connect-to-quit tobacco intervention among low-income veterans

Janel Hanmer, MD, PhD

  • Integrating health utility theory and item-response theory for individual health measurement
  • Quality adjusted life expectancy estimates for the us general population

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