Section of Decision Sciences


Division of General Internal Medicine faculty

Amber E. Barnato, MD, MPH, MS

  • Research interests: physician communication and decision making in life threatening illness, practice pattern variation and provider behavior, quantitative policy and decision analysis, reimbursement policy, cost-containment
  • Teaching interests: patient/family-provider communication, psychology of decision making, health policy, clinical research methods, responsible conduct of research, medical writing, presentation skills
  • Collaborators: Derek Angus, MD, MPH; Robert Arnold, MD; Joyce Chang, PhD; Mary Amanda Dew, PhD; Coreen Farris, PhD (RAND); Baruch Fischhoff, PhD (Carnegie Mellon University); William Follansbee, MD; Mary Beth Happ, PhD, RN (Ohio State University); Jeremy Kahn, MD, MS; Judith Lave, PhD; Charity Moore, PhD; Mark Roberts, MD, MPP; Yael Schenker, MD, MAS; Charles Reynolds, MD; Jonathan Skinner, PhD (Dartmouth College); Rebecca Sudore, MD, MPH (UCSF); Douglas White, MD, MAS
  • Mentees: Andrea Elliott, MD; Nicole Fowler, PhD (Indiana University); Bruce Jacobs, MD, MPH; Jeremy Kahn, MD, MS; Caroline Lin, MD, MS (Kaiser); Keili Mistovich; Deepika Mohan, MD, MPH; Eduardo Nunez, MS; Dev Patel, MD; Lora Reineck, MD, MS (NIH); Margaret Schwarze, MD, MPP (University of Wisconsin); Jennifer Seaman, RN; Brownsyne Tucker-Edmonds, MD, MS, MPH (Indiana University); Jamie Uy, MD

Kenneth J. Smith, MD, MS

  • Research interests: cost-effectiveness analysis, utility assessment
  • Teaching interests: cost-effectiveness analysis, decision analysis, evidence-based medicine
  • Collaborators: Derek Angus, MD, MPH; Drahomir Aujesky, MD, MS (Bern University); Sonya Borrero, MD, MS; Joyce Chang, PhD; Sunday Clark, ScD; Mitchell Creinin, MD; Coreen Farris, PhD; Kelley Fitzgerald, PT, PhD; Steven Handler, MD, PhD; Wishwa Kapoor, MD, MPH; Kevin Kraemer, MD, MPH; Roberta Ness, MD, MPH (University of Texas); Bruce Lee, MD, MBA (Johns Hopkins); Margaret Ragni, MD, MPH; Mark Roberts, MD, MPP; Charles Reynolds, MD; Bruce Rollman, MD, MPH; Eleanor Bimla Schwarz, MD, MS (UC Davis); Yuting Zhang, PhD; Richard Zimmerman, MD, MPH
  • Mentees: Sherrie Aspinall, PharmD, MS; Shelby Corman, PharmD, MS; Brian Feingold, MD, MS; Stanley Kuo, PhD; Brent Lampert, DO; Constantinos Michaelidis, MD, MS; Sarah O’Brien, MD, MS; Jonathan Shepherd, MD, MS

Chung-Chou H. (Joyce) Chang, PhD

  • Research interests: modeling longitudinal and survival data, competing risks, causal effect modeling, statistical issues in drug development
  • Teaching interests: biostatistics, survival analysis, design and analysis of observational studies
  • Collaborators: Amber Barnato, MD, MPH, MS; Cindy Bryce, PhD; Hiroko Dodge, PhD (OHSU; University of Michigan); Julie Donohue, PhD; Matthew Freiberg, MD, MS (Vanderbilt); Mary Ganguli, MD, MPH; Rachel Hess, MD, MS (Utah); David Huang, MD, MPH; Amy Justice, MD, MSc, PhD (Yale); Doug Landsittel, PhD; Larissa Myaskovsky, PhD; Mark Roberts, MD, MPP; Beth Snitz; Sachin Yende, MD, MS; Robert Squire, MD
  • Mentees: Bruce Jacobs, MD, MPH; Ching-Wen Lee, PhD; Jonathan Yabes, PhD
  • Former PhD Dissertation Advisees: Fiona Callaghan, PhD (NIH); Bo Fu, PhD (AbbVie); Brent McHenry (BMS), PhD; Nilesh Shah, PhD (UPCI); Jonathan Yabes, PhD; Yongyun Zhao, PhD (Novella Clinical).

Kevin L. Kraemer, MD, MSc

  • Research interests: cost-effectiveness analysis of alcohol and substance abuse interventions; quality of life measurement;
  • Teaching interests: cost-effectiveness analysis, clinical research methods, grant writing, medical writing, presentation skills, professional development
  • Collaborators: Judy Chang, MD, MPH; Robert Cook, MD, MPH (Florida); David Fiellin, MD, MPH (Yale); Matthew Freiberg, MD, MS (Vanderbilt); Adam Gordon, MD, MPH; Todd Korthuis, MD, MPH (OHSU); Mark Roberts, MD, MPP; Doris Rubio, PhD; Richard Saitz, MD, MPH (BU); Hilary Tindle, MD, MPH (Vanderbilt)
  • Mentees: Lauren Broyles, PhD, RN; Timothy Depp, MD; Alexandra Mieczkowski, MD; Tom Radomski, MD; Jonathan Robbins, MD; Ted Yuo, MD, MS

Janel Hanmer, MD, PhD

  • Research interests: health-related quality of life measurement, health utility measurement, population health, transfers of hospitalized patients
  • Teaching interests: measuring health outcomes, secondary analysis of population health datasets
  • Collaborators: David Feeny, PhD (McMaster University); Baruch Fischhoff, PhD (Carnegie Mellon University); Ron D. Hays, PhD (UCLA, RAND); Rachel Hess, MD, MS (University of Utah); Paul Pilkonis, PhD; Dennis Revicki, PhD (Evidera); Mark Roberts MD, MPP; Joel Tsevat, MD, MPH (University of Cincinnati); Lan Yu, PhD
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